Audio-visual Equipment and Studios

Available in Tokyo

during the Tokyo Olympics

and Paralympic Games

Our studio is located in the center of Tokyo.

For over ten years,we have worked on diverse genres of media production including TV programs, commercials, film, online videos, and much more.

Tokyo Olympics is finally occurring this summer and we are excited to support your shooting and broadcasting in Japan.

Feel free to contact us if you need a studio, office, or filming equipment during the Tokyo Olympics.

We are willing to coordinate with you.

Studio and Office

Annex Studio (rental space)

This is our office/studio in Meguro, one of the major cities in Tokyo.

The size of the room is over 100 square meters, equipped with a soundproof chamber.

Our office is located in a different building, so feel free to use this space as you like.

This office/studio has the best location for shooting in Tokyo; it is only a twenty minute drive to the Olympic stadium. If you need any equipment or support, let us know!

Location : Shinagawa, Tokyo, ask us for more detail!

Togoshi Studio (shared studio)

This is the studio we usually work in.

This studio stores numerous equipment not only for shooting but also for live-streaming.

The size of the room is around 300 square meters.

Location: 2-1-10 Ebara, Shinagawa, Tokyo, 142-0063

ADR/Recording Studio

This studio is for audio.

We use this studio for ADR (Audio Dialogue Replacement), recording, and composing music.

If you have any questions and troubles with audio, feel free to talk to us.

We are confident in audio editing. 

Location:5-1-7 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa, Tokyo, 141-0031

Camera Gears

We own one of the most advanced camera equipment in the production industry.

Feel free to contact us for equipment that is not on the list as well.




Carl ZEISS CP.3 XD set, Sony Emount series, Canon EF Series…

Light Gears:

Aperture C600D + 300DⅡ, Kinoflo 4Bank 4 feet…

Audio Equipment:

ZOOM F6, Roland R-88, Sony Wireless Lavalier Mics, Sennheiser MKE600…


BMD ATEM1M/E Advanced Panel, ATEM Television Studio HD,

ATEM Mini Extreme, ATEM Mini ISO, Roland V-60HD, V1-SDI,

converters, and facilities for live streaming…

Live Streaming Service

We own several latest livestreaming equipment including switchers and converters.

Switchers:ATEM 1 M/E Broadcast Studio 4K, ATEM Mini Extreme ISO, ATEM Television Studio HD, V-60HD, V-1SDI